Daily Archives: June 13, 2007


In 2002 the gas company dug a hole outside my husband’s grandfather’s business and accidentally punctured the gasline.
They knocked, but no one was there yet, so they went about business as usual.
When Granddaddy got to work that day with his wife,  Lou, he bent down to light the space heater and the whole building exploded around him.
Lou died.
Granddaddy didn’t. But the burns scarred horribly. It took over a year for him to heal. His entire face and head were burned along with his hands. He’d put out the fire on Lou.
He was 84. She was 86.
In the negligence trial, the lawyers said that although it was sad Lou died such a horrific death (she lived three days) and Granddaddy had to go through the extreme pain of burn therapy, it wasn’t really so bad. They were already old and were probably going to die soon anyway.
Until the explosion, Granddaddy was one of the most active senior citizens I knew. He went to work every day, he went fishing, he had great friends at the senior citizen center.
After, I got to see bravery like I’ve never seen in my life. He never regained that same active lifestyle, but he also refused to give in to the pain.
Friday evening he passed away.
He lived a good life and he taught his grand children some great life lessons.
He will be missed.