Daily Archives: June 11, 2007


I keep telling myself the revisions I’m working on are the real writing. That fixing a blank page is impossible and this is part of the process.
I know that.
I just never really looked at how far from READY my stories were.
The biggest problem I’m running into now is lack of character voice. My voice is there loud and clear, but my hero and heroine sound the same pretty often. Their sentences have the same cadence. The words might be different, but the “feel” is the same.
Now I’ve got to figure out how to FIX this.
Not an easy thing to do in big chunks.
In fact, the longer I worked, the less I was able to really see the problem.
And yet, for all the frustration, I’m excited.
I actually started revisions on a different book a couple months ago, and I love the first three chapters. But after that the plot needs a TON of work. So I put it aside.
Missing needs some work with character conflict and development, but the plot is good. For me, that’s an easier fix. Not easy by any means, but easier.