Daily Archives: June 10, 2007

Writing Dreams

Somewhere in my mom’s house, probably at the bottom of a pile topped with scratched Supreme’s and Elvis records, my very first books still sit. I wrote them with Eraser Mate pens in tattered blue college ruled spirals. I’d fill up one notebook, pass it around, and by the time my friends were done reading, I had the next chapters written. My friends were huge fans of my first romances even though the editing stunk. 🙂
I didn’t know a thing about characterization or turning points or plot. I just knew what we dreamed romance was and I wrote it.
Last night as I worked on revisions, I wished for those days.
I need to reclaim that desire to write for the sake of writing, for the story, for the fun.
I’m not sure where that story for the sake of story went. I understand when my pubbed friends lose that element in their writing. Contracts, deadlines, $, all change the game.
But I don’t have any of those issues facing me when I open my Word document. I WANT those issues, but they’re not a part of my life right now. I think sometimes that I let the desire for publication overwhelm my desire for writing an amazing story. And that desire for publication is actually standing in my way—crazy since everything I’ve done for the last several years has been focused on becoming a published author, but I still think it’s true.
So today I’m going to try something new. No more worries about publication. I’m focusing on the fun, the creation, the story.
It won’t be easy, but it’s absolutely necessary, at least it is for me.