Daily Archives: June 7, 2007


I feel like I have a day off.  My house is straight, my eyebrows look human again, I saw friends without wine and I started reading a new book–Stray by Rachel Vincent. It’s different from everything else I’ve read lately and I’m enjoying it. LOTS of tension. 🙂

I decorated the entryway to my house and all dh said was “OH BABE.” It was not a good oh babe. But he’ll get over it. 

Online Classes

Shelley Bradley presents Storyboarding for the Story Challenged

Cost $15, August 6-10

The author of over 15 sizzling contemporary, paranormal and historical romances, Shelley Bradley, who also writes as Shayla Black, has won or placed in over a dozen writing contests, including Romance Writer of America¢s Golden Heart, Colorado Romance Writers Awards of Excellence, The Passionate Plume, and National Readers’ Choice Awards. With previous releases, Romantic Times has awarded her a Top Pick and a KISS Hero award.

A writing risk-taker, Shelley enjoys tackling writing challenges with every book, as well as writing emotionally-based relationships and hot love scenes from the heart.


Hate blinking cursors or rewriting? Have a very time-pressed schedule? To avoid all of those and maintain sanity in the middle of deadlines and challenging books requires a little more pre-plotting than Ready with some characters, Set with an opening scene, Go!

Storyboarding for the Story Challenged uses different formats (and thus, different parts of your brain) to help you construct your plot. Part visual, part analytical, this method of storyboarding allows you to plot the skeleton of a story or put all the story flesh on its bones, right down to the last freckle or drop of sweat.

The storyboarding method also allows you to:
a) write a quick, concise sysnopsis that enables you to more accurately state what your book will be about when it’s finished
b) find plot holes
c) determine if you’ve dropped threads, characters, props or themes
d) know your characters, the story and how motivation ties in before you ever start writing
e) and lots more!!