Daily Archives: June 6, 2007


I spent the last three days in Fredericksburg, TX with some teacher friends. Our cottage was out of town a little ways. Every day deer were practically on our doorsteps. In town, the vineyards and shops were amazing. The wine INCREDIBLE.
It’s definitely a place I’ll return to, hopefully with some writers. 🙂 I’ll post photos as soon as I have them.

I’ve been home long enough now to wonder why I:
ate so much my ELBOWS are even swollen!?!
tasted the wine first (12 bottles) and THEN chose the ones I had to have?!? (Those vineyards know what they’re doing. Get the customer tipsy first!)
Left without that cute iron garden cowboy blowing the bugle
Bought a cowboy hat for WAY too much $$$
Bought into the whole “eat every four hours so your body doesn’t kick into starvation mode and actually hold on to all these calories.”
Allowed photos to be taken of me in a swim suit. ACK!
Ate dessert at every meal including breakfast?!?
Bought how much wine again?
Can’t fit into any of my clothes?!
Hurt my stomach muscles from LAUGHING so hard….but that could also be from sugar shock or the wine.