Daily Archives: June 2, 2007


I’m not even sure how long ago, (I think it was when the first girl gear books came out) I started reading Alison Kent’s blah blog. It was my introduction to the blog world, and I loved it. Every day I’d log in and find industry news, great comments and updates on her books. Back then, her blog was the only one I read.
Today the blog world is a normal part of my day. I start at marywritesromance, then hit romancing the blog. I have my normal stops: the blah blog, karen templeton, jill monroe, jill shalvis, suzanne mcminn, argh, my friends Mel, Karen and Shelley, and the e-harlequin bunch. Recently I’ve added dear author and smart bitches and mrs. giggles. (the last three are as much fun to read as the novels they critique!)
I’m out of control. Seriously. I’ve developed an addiction. I spend an hour a day online checking out what other people are writing or saying about books, and no time at all writing my own stories.
The blog world fools me into believing (or, honesty time, lets me pretend!) I’m a part of the publishing game without the risk of rejection. Definitely not the way to get pubbed.
Anyone else out there addicted?