Summer Time!

Today’s the day of rest. The only one I’m giving myself before I start on the MAJOR cleaning effort. I’d take pictures and post them, but I’m too embarrassed. It’s been over two years since my house has been truly cleaned and it’s finally gotten to the “I can’t stand it” stage. Yes, it did take two years to gt there.
I don’t hate cleaning, but I always have something more important to do.
There’s nothing more important now, so I’m getting started.
I’m hopefully going to take one room a day.
That’s eight days.
Then I’ll start small redecorating projects. Very small because I decorate a little like I cook which is not all that much.
I’m going to wall paper my dining room too.
For thirteen years dh has said wait until we get the house leveled, but I’m done waiting.
Wish me luck.
I think this might be good fodder for a future fish out of water book.

On the writing side, my best friend and I are going to try writing a book together starting Tuesday. We’re planning a Cinderella story. WOO HOO!!

If you get a chance, check out one of the best posts I’ve ever read.

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