The Newsroom

For the last three days I’ve had seniors returning to the newsroom to say goodbye. And then coming back to say goodbye. And then doing it again. 🙂
I boo hoo’d yesterday when my newspaper editor stayed an hour after she could leave and then finally left.
Today, I had a first. SIX seniors who were done with school came back just to sit in the newsroom. And when the bell rang for everyone to leave and my beginning class left, they just stayed. They played music on the computers, they sat in the deadline box and drew, they wrote on the board, they played the headline game and read the ought-not wall. And they cried. And I almost cried, but I made myself laugh instead and I told them how this next part of life is so much fun. How they’re going to love every minute of it. And how this isn’t goodbye. They can visit any time, and they can e-mail.
And they still stayed.
Because for many of my kids the newsroom becomes a home. And leaving is like taking that step. They know that even if they come back it won’t be the same.
Every one of them has been a part of something special. But graduation changes it. It’s almost like a break up. You might be able to be friends, but it’s never the same as it used to be.
I know I’m part  of the reason the kids were there. But the newsroom is there’s, and it’s the memories they made in that room that brought them back.
I’m going to miss these kids. But you know what? I’m excited for them too. Because they’re going on to great things.

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