Daily Archives: May 23, 2007


The Lost I loved is back. The season finale kicked butt. Lots of questions, some cool new stuff. I think maybe getting an end date helped give the writers a goal.

School’s out in two days. Today I nearly lost it when one of my editors was cleaning out her box. I watched her work and realized this is it. Once again I have a new crop of kids going out into the real world and I hate it! I’m excited for them, but sad for me.

I realized today that superintendent’s work way too hard! Ours was at the j-banquet last night. He was at a late board meeting Monday. And he was at graduation practice until 5 tonight. Basically his life revolves around the school. I’m lucky to work in a district with such great administration. I’m always astounded when I hear my friends talk about what’s going on at their schools. And they’re always jealous when I talk about my principal. 🙂
(except Mary who says her principal is the best ever)

Tomorrow is the faculty golf tournament. It’s more about fun than golf, which is good since I’ve only golfed once before in my life and I pretty much sucked.