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Mary tagged me. Here goes…

The Little-Known Favorites Meme Rules:

List and describe three of your favorite books that other people might not be familiar with. Then tag five people. See, easy!

I’m doing more than three because I can’t narrow it down.

Quite possibly one of the best books I’ve ever read. The Keeper was one of the first Margot Early’s I read. Since then, I’ve bought all her books. And I found her backlist in used bookstores. There’s no such thing as a bad Margot Early book. Which brings me to the new one…

This is Early’s new Everlasting and it is so wonderful. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Again, no such thing as a bad Karen Templeton book, but Swept Away saved me from romance doldrums. I kept trying to find a great books and nothing was connecting. I picked Swept Away up and could not put it down. I’ve loaned it to several friends because it’s hard to find now since it’s series.

I belonged to an e-mail loop way back when called cata when Catherine Mann sold her first book, so I bought the book just because I felt like I knew her. (she was always so excited when she left a message on the loop!)  That book was good enough to make me buy the next, Grayson’s Surrender. GS moved Mann on to my auto-buy list. I still have it and several other Wongman Warrior books on my keeper shelf.

If you don’t know Helen R.Myers’ work, you should. WOW! Whispers in the Woods is not the only of her Silhouette’s on my keeper shelf, but it is my favorite. It’s a beauty and the beast book and it’s AMAZING.

I tag Karen, Mel, April, Shelley and Anna.

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