Daily Archives: May 19, 2007

The End of May

So I realized today my blah’s are pretty typical for this time of year. I always go through this strange mourning period the last three weeks of May that kicks into high gear right about now because my seniors are graduating. This year is worse because DD will be a senior next year and it seems like only yesterday I was giving her kisses before her first big day of school. I know it’s an exciting time for my kids, and I’m excited for them, but I’m also sad because this is it. They’re moving on. Some of them I’ll see again, and that’s always cool. A few stay in touch here or by e-mail to the school. One came to see me this week. I work with her dad. He wanted her to major in science because she could make more money there. I told her to find something she could be passionate about because no amount of money in the world makes up for waking up every day excited about your job. 🙂
After a year, dad agreed with me, but not without a little grumbling.
Graduation is a week from today. And once I watch those kids walk the stage, I’ll be fine. Until then, I’m resigned to the May blahs.

Grey’s Anatomy: I spent some time on fan sites today and saw the same thing over and over. The only reason people are upset is that no one got their happy ending. I sure hope the powers that be that control the show know better than that. Grey’s isn’t about happy endings. This season stunk because the characters acted completely out of the norm and without any real motivation.

Some scenes from the best of Grey’s Season 2, back when the show was better than anything else on TV.