It looked like a tornado-filled storm would hit us tonight. Instead, the storm split and went on either side of us. Whew.
I took photos of the wall cloud, but it was too dark, so they didn’t turn out.

Books I Love
I love YA. Love it. It amazes me how Meg Cabot can make her teen characters so real to their ages. Same with Scott Westerfeld and Megan McCafferty and Laurie Halse Anderson.  I teach this age group and spend more time with them than with adults. But I still find myself writing unbelievable teen characters sometimes. I mean no way would a teenager know and appreciate the sexiness of Magnum PI. 🙂

I love bloghopping. I spend way too much time doing it. I know I should stop and maybe, I don’t know, WRITE, but I can’t.  Blogs by my favorite authors are like a Favorite Author Fix. Who cares if it’s not “story”. It’s Voice! Blogs by my friends are just informative and fun.

It’s almost yearbook time. I keep reading that yearbooks are dying. So far (knock on wood) yearbooks are still a big deal on my campus. We try to cover the entire school and real stories. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. I know I love my yearbooks and I pretty much hated high school other than newspaper. Strange that I’m spending thirty years of my adult life there by choice. 🙂

Do you still have your yearbooks? If so, do you ever look at them?

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