Daily Archives: April 24, 2007

Public Speaking

When I applied to the leadership cohort I had ulterior motives. I thought my leadership was just fine, thank you. BUT I wanted to learn tips and tricks for helping my editors succeed as leaders.
Boy  was I wrong. My leadership skills needed a lot of work.
I chose to work on two major areas: One, how I do things looking for approval instead of what’s best for me.
Two, public speaking. Before this year, I never spoke in public about anything that wasn’t writing related.
Last night I spoke at the school board meeting. It was so scary thinking about it. But you know what? Once I got up there and opened my speech book, I was fine. I was a little emotional, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
I’ve learned something new about myself. I LOVE speaking to people about things I care deeply about. It’s fun to craft the words to make an impact. And it’s totally different from what I do in the classroom or with writing presentations.
I’ve grown so much this year because of the cohort. I wonder if I’d feel the same joy overcoming my extreme fear of heights?!