Just returned from journalism conference in Austin. As always it was wonderful. Found a new place to eat: Shady Grove. YUM. Green chili corn chowder might be my new favorite soup. Today I had sweet potato fries. Whoa. Fabulous!
I spoke about writing, as always. 🙂 I always start by telling students what I’ve heard writers say from the beginning of time: If you want to be a great writer, you MUST read. And by read, I mean books other than the classics you’re forced to read in English. And then I made suggestions.


I’ve written about the Westerfeld books recently, so I don’t need to repeat myself. AMAZING!

Same thing here. Laurie Halse Anderson’s books are edgy and exciting and emotional. MUST reads.

I’ve actually only read the first in the trilogy, but it left a powerful image in my mind. WOW! I followed the first with Reading Lolita in Tehran and The Kite Runner. Eye opening stories about a part of the world I try to understand. Reading Lolita in Tehran is non-fiction and not one you can read quickly. But a little bit every day goes a long way.

DD rechecked the book from the library I don’t know how many times, so I figured I better find out what was so great. WOW.

I truly do believe this book should be added to our reading list for juniors. Singing With the Top Down is a unique story set in a time we call the “good ol’ days.” Williamson’s story rings true with characters you cheer for.

Another adviser recommended this:

What do you recommend?

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