Daily Archives: April 17, 2007

Secondary Characters

I LOVE great secondary characters. A couple great secondary characters make for a great subplot. That’s one of the things I’m liking about Aussie Rules. I’ve written a couple good secondary characters. One I’ve turned into a book (a rejected book, but that’s another story). One of my CPs wrote an awesome secondary character. The character was so awesome she stole the book. By then end, everyone who read it said the secondary was the real heroine. Now years later, the CP totally agrees. One day maybe she’ll revisit the story.

Oh how I love deadlines. Oh how I love deadlines that take place during TAKS week. Oh how I love deadlines that end with me sitting wrong, yes…SITTING wrong and somehow pulling out my back.
HOW do you hurt your back SITTING?
Ugh. 😦

If you enjoy youtube videos and Buffy, check this out. It’s an awesome video about Buffy and the amazing secondary character Faith. I loved Faith. She was so complicated.