Daily Archives: April 11, 2007

Books, books and more books

Before Spring Break I made my J kids read. They were going crazy.
Most had never been to the school library. They thought I was nuts.
Maybe they were right.
But I see a real problem with the students this year I haven’t seen in the past. They don’t FEEL words. They don’t understand the rhythm of language. They don’t get variation in structure.
They write flat.
It’s fine mechanically, but it’s just not interesting.
So I made them get contemporary books, fiction or non-fiction, and I MADE them read.
At first they were miserable. But they got used to it. So much so that this week they’ve been asking when they get to read again.
I sure hope it helps them.
I’m reading the YA book Sloppy Firsts. It’s AWESOME. Very real and it doesn’t pull any punches.