Daily Archives: April 9, 2007

Published does’t mean it gets easier

The longer I watch my friend Karen the more I know this to be true. I have no idea how she gets everything done. On top of that, she has to worry about numbers. I worry about rejection, but really, as sucky as the R’s are, there’s no real pressure there. But knowing your editor/publisher is looking at each book and the sales and comparing you to other books and their sales AND takng care of marketing AND copy edits AND proposals AND writing the books currently contracted…ACK! I don’t know how the published author does it. A long time ago, Helen Myers spoke to my local RWA chapter and said published wasn’t easy. At the time I didn’t really understand. I still don’t fully understand, and I still WANT to be published more than anything, but DANG, this business is HARD, and it doesn’t get easier when you get the call. Karen’s new book is on shelves now. Check out the trailer for Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind