Daily Archives: April 3, 2007


The fiasco of our district journalism results and the horrendous comments made on my students’ entries has me thinking more and more about subjectivity in reading.
I know I’m not that big a fan of a HUGE selling paranormal romance author ALL of my friends are reading. Her characters are just too dark and the heroines seem way to weak to be true. But the books are NYT best sellers.
One of my favorite authors recently started a whole new kind of book. Instead of dark and scary suspense, she’s writing light, funny mysteries. The heroine drives me crazy. No way will I buy another of the books. BUT my best friend LOVES the new style. She’s even got one of the books in her top 10!
The erotic trend is huge and it seems like everyone is reading it. If the story crosses the line into menage, BDSM or that kind of thing, I’m outa there. I’m just not interested.
At the same time my favorite two books I’ve read the last month were category: an Everlasting and an SSE, and I have several friends who don’t like category because they say the books aren’t long enough so they feel like they can’t get invested in the characters. (I’m not real sure they’ve read the same category books I’ve read, but whatever.) 🙂

Variety is a great thing from a reader’s standpoint. I’m thankful for it! I’m going to keep telling myself that for the rest of the UIL season. Especially since the student who’s papers were trashed wants to be a writer. She’s already earned rejections for several of her short stories and she’s written more than one novel. She’s 18, and her voice sings off the page.
One day she’s going to be the published author people are talking about like I did above. Someone’s not going to like what she’s written and others will think it’s the best thing ever. She’ll read Amazon reviews like my pubbed author friends do now and wonder HOW IN THE WORLD did that reader misunderstand my story so much? And then she’ll remember this week and know you can’t please everyone all the time, but as long as you’ve written the absolute best story you can, and as long as you remembered to have fun doing it, it’s a good thing. 🙂 (best of all, she’ll have me to thank for the lesson!!!)

And because I need eye candy, my inspiration for hero of the book I’m working on: