We competed at District UIL today. I only have one student advancing to regional. 😦
I such a sore loser.  I tell my kids that in subjective events like journalism it’s all karma. Some years the judging goes in your favor and some it doesn’t. But when you read one of the best papers you’ve ever seen and it places fourth and you read the one that placed first and it’s one big cliche, well, it gets a little old.
Oh well. Such is life. (speaking of cliches).
I guess Brittany probably feels a little like I do when I read a book I hate and wonder WTHHHHHHeck? (That’s what we say in the newsroom)
But that’s the thing about writing. What works for one reader might not for another. I need an editor to love my stories.
We needed a judge today, but we didn’t get one.
DD didn’t place for the first time since she’s been in high school.
One a bright note, one of my eds placed third in one even and first in another, so that’s AWESOME.
And I got to work on revisions, so that’s another awesome.
Now I’ve got to figure out how to make my kids feel better about not placing.

Other than not winning team points, the worst thing about district: two other schools wanted to host district, but the principal of the school that did insisted his school should hold the tournament. The only people from his school who were working the meet: the UIL coaches from that school. Those poor teachers were run ragged and they had ZERO support from their personnel. Unbelievable! I felt so sorry for them. How strange that their principal ASKED to host and then didn’t make sure they had people there to help. I don’t get it, and I’m VERY thankful my principal wouldn’t do that to us.

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