Tornado season is here. 😦
I hate when they predict overnight storms. Daytime storms I can handle. I’m awake, so no big deal. Night time…ugh.

So I’m teaching feature writing this week. Make the emotional connection. Make me feel. Tell the story. It’s my favorite part of the year. I use this fabulous baby-sitter horror story from an awesome writing book: Bobby Hawthorne’s The Radical Write.
There’s a great story about a little girl locking herself in a dark closet screaming bloody murder.
Here’s the feature turned in from the prompt:

Junior Katie Dayton heard the loud yell and knew this job had just turned into the stuff of nightmares.
The five-year-old left in her care had locked herself in the closet and Katie didn’t know what  to do.
“BLOODY MURDER!!!!,” the little girl screamed.

Sometimes I love my job.
Bloody murder.

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