Daily Archives: March 22, 2007


What I hate
When the local ABC affiliate cuts from Grey’s Anatomy at 8:57 just when Izzy and George are having THE TALK because there’s a severe thunderstorm. The thunderstorm’s been there for a while. It’s no worse than it was earlier, in fact, it’s a little better. WHAT is wrong with these people?!? It wasn’t a tornado or even big hail. It was a little wind. Hello. This is Texas/OK. We know wind. UGH.

What I love:
Reading a good book. Except when I lose it, which makes no sense. One minute I’ve got it. The next, poof. It’s gone. Once I found a book in my freezer. It usually happens when I get too busy. So far I haven’t found the book. I sure hope I do soon.

I missed an important committee meeting this week. I was at work, but I could’ve rearranged my schedule. I just completely forgot the meeting. I have no idea why. I NEVER do this type of thing. Only suddenly this semester, I’m doing this kind of thing ALL the time. I misplaced a major assignment for my university class. I forgot to judge the newspapers sent to me six weeks ago.
And now I’ve misplaced my book, and I have no idea what George said to Izzy other than “I’m not going to hurt her just to clear my conscience.”