Reader Trust

If Margot Early started a book with the ABC’s, I’d read it. Why? Because I trust her story telling implicitly.  I got my e-Harlequin shipment in today and read a three page prologue in Early’s new Super. The PROLOGUE had me near tears. She went through this whole laundry list of relationships of the people in the prologue and I read EVERY word. Why? Because I know she’s not wasting my time giving me info for no reason. She’s an amazing writer. And I have TWO of her books.
I also have Gena Showalter’s Nymph King (woo hoo!), Julie Miller’s Beast in the Tower and Karen Templeton’s The Prodigal Valentine. I trust each of these authors completely.
I also bought Jennifer Armintrout’s the Turning because my students LOVE it and I needed one more book for free shipping.
In the olden days I subscribed to whole lines, but I got bored. Now I think I could probably subscribe again because it seems they try to give more variety in a month, but I can’t afford ALL the lines I’d want.

Our school board voted for the calendar the majority of teachers voted against. The new calendar gives teachers less than a two week vacation at Christmas and no days off during the spring semester except Spring Break and four days before the end of the school year.
They say they HAD to vote for that calendar because it was the calendar the community wanted and they had to go with their customers’ wishes.
This idea of education being a service industry is nothing new, but in this case, I’m more troubled than in the past.
It might be okay, but the studies I’ve seen say lower socio and ESL kids are hurt by a long summer. Our district is over 50% low socio economic. I gues we’ll see. Maybe the teachers will be proven wrong and the kids will be better served by a calendar that leaves their teachers and them completely stressed.

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