Daily Archives: February 11, 2007

money, money, money

I swear I hate thinking about money.
I KNOW I should go to National conference. But it’s so hard to get that idea through to DH.
He’s watched me go in the past, get enthused, get requests, get rejections. AND he’s watched me not go, get enthused and get rejections. He doesn’t see the importance of the conference at all. Honestly, I understand. That extra expense makes a difference…a big difference in our budget. The conference cost isn’t that big, but everything else it takes to go adds up. I hate to not go when it’s in my back yard. I HATE making this decision. I’ve told my CP’s I’ll make a definite decision by March 3rd. Ugh.

Jill Monroe’s Hitting the Mark is AMAZING! It’s a double love story in a category and it works. It’s a HOT book AND a fabulous story about great characters. I highly recommend it.
So far this year I’ve read three books I love. Monroe’s Hitting the Mark, Colleen Gleason’s The Rest Falls Away and The Color of Water. Not bad since it’s just the middle of February.

In case you don’t know, the Brava authors are doing a great scavenger hunt. Check it out.
LOTS of great prizes!

This week is newspaper deadline and it starts the MAJOR push to finish the yearbook. (In two weeks we will send the last of 304 pages.) After the Suzanne McMinn class, I’ve dedicated at least two hours a night Monday-Friday and four hours on either Saturday or Sunday to writing. That means blogging and blog hopping might take a hit the next couple weeks. I hope you’ll still stop by, and I’ll be sure to post when I get a chance.

GREAT low-Point soup:
3 C. water
2 chicken broth cubes
1 can Rotel
1 can Spinach
1 can Ranch Style Beans or Black Beans
pasta to taste.
Throw it all in a pan and boil until the pasta is done.