Lessons in Seduction

Last night dh and I went to a great birthday party for a friend who turned fifty. She’s amazing and wonderful and looks beter now han she did at 21.
The live band was great. The warm up band BrotherSharp better than the main event. The cigarette smoke still as annoying as it used to be back in the day when excursions to bars were the norm.
As much the norm as watching those on the prowl, looking for love or at least one night of fun.
Last night there was a man. He stood of to the side watching the action. Through the haze of cigarette smoke he looked…interesting.
My friend was certainly intrigued. I told her he was an under cover narcotics agent. She thought I was serious. 🙂 I reminded her I write romance novels. 🙂
Anyway, this guy was with a friend who was with a girl who invited another girl to join the party.
His body language said not interested. Hers said not giving up.
They played pool. He smiled. Nice smile, laugh lines around the eyes that said experience or age or both. BUT no real attraction.
She didn’t care. She touched his arm, leaned over him to talk to her friend. Sent all the right signals. Two hours into the night she disappeared for a few minutes. When she came back, she’s unzipped her shirt enough to say enough already, I’m a sure thing.
It was fun to watch. Interesting, Amusing. The couple was a little older than dh and I. I vaguely remember that game. I don’t know that I could play it again. Right before the main event took the stage, a new player entered the room. She was probably 21 or 22. She wore a tiny skin tight black mini with a tight black top that plunged to, oh, I don’t know, maybe an inch or two above her belly button. Her black high heeled leather boots screamed I mean business.
When she walked by, every man in the room looked, including DH. I covered his eyes, but it was too late. 🙂 I turned to see the other couple. Sure enough, Mr. Intriguing noticed the fine young thing strutting across the floor. But when he quit watching her, his smile was brighter. And he seemed a bit more responsive to the woman who’d been trying to get his attention all night.
A few minutes later we left.
I don’t know what this taught me that I’ll be able to use in a book one day, but it sure was fun to watch. 🙂

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