Daily Archives: January 28, 2007

Old books

I finished re-reading Gentle Rogue by J. Lindsey last week. I lied it okay, but nowhere near as much as Tender Rebel. There wasn’t enough conflict until the heroine got home and that was more than 1/2 way through the book. It was still good, though. The characters were very real.
Now I’m reading Drop Dead Gorgeous. Linda Howard is amazing. Mr. Perfect as the first of her books that made me laugh out loud. I’m glad she kept writing the funny mysteries.
The competition we went to this weekend was fun. We won the journalism team points, but it wasn’t what it could have been since there was a mix up on the scoring and the big j-schools editorials didn’t get judged. I discovered the error, but it was too late to fix it. No way could they take medals from kids who’d won them! Well, they could have, but it would’ve been wrong.
Another school there was neck and neck with us on points. Their eds didn’t get judged either and I know they were probably on par with ours, so it could’ve gone either way.
My birthday is Tuesday and BOY did I feel old at this competition. The girls–other advisers– judging were so YOUNG! They looked like my students, they sounded like my students, they made me feel ancient. 🙂
I think they were probably the same age I was when I first read Gentle Rogue. Strange thing: more and more YOUNG teachers are showing up in high schools. With AP credit several kids graduate college at 21. YIKES. I love the AP program, but NO WAY was I ready to graduate college at 21. I still needed to grow, to change majors, to find myself. 🙂 Of course, I needed to have fun too.
I’m excited about the upcoming week. I’m hosting the first book study at my school for Whatever it Takes (ALL teachers should go purchase this book then give it to their principals! It changed my life as a teacher!), and I have the first parent meeting for the Europe trip. By Friday I’ll decided whether or not I can afford Nationals. I haven’t sold a book and I want to be able to travel with my family like I did to Cancun, to Boston, like I’ll do this Spring Break to NYC and Europe next summer. Once I sell, I’ll DEFINITELY go. But until then, I don’t know. I feel bad when I’m not there. I miss seeing everyone. BUT can I justify the cost?
I don’t know.