Daily Archives: January 24, 2007

Back in the Olden Days

When I tell my students about the olden days, days when I was a kid, they laugh. See, they REALLY don’t get how much things have changed. I love the new song Dangerous because of the way it blends awesome old songs with rap today. Pretty cool as long as you get the clean version.
Talking about The Outsiders took me on a fun trip down memory lane. I’ve now downloaded the great music I used to live for, the bands whose posters quickly found their way right next to the Outsider boys’ posters.

This was the first Bon Jovi I fellin love with. My friend went somewhere over the summer and came back with the awesome new tape. We listened to it ALL the time.

Then there was Cinderella. MAN, I loved them. An you know what? Their music still rocks.

Last is Bon Jovi again. (I still can’t believe my mom let me hang this poster on my door!)
This was going out time. I finally had my driver’s license and my friends and I would sneak over to the city of sin, Wichita Falls. On good days, I could make my hair look just like Bon Jovi’s…if I had enough hair spray. 🙂 Back then, my friends who went to the school I now teach at stayed in trouble with the assistant principal who would walk around with a ruler NOT measuring skirt lengths but instead measuring how far their hair stood out. Too far, you went home.
BEst big hair recipe. Spiral perm. That was a must. Then, blow dry hair upside down spraying Aqua Net under and on top. (It was only .79 for a can, so that’s what we used.) TEASE, tease, tease. Top with Avec hairspray. Expensive stuff you could only find at beauty supply stores. It turned your hair into concrete.

MAN. And I think the boys in size 0 girl pants are strange today. 🙂