School Trips

I LOVE traveling with students. A lot of my friends think I’m crazy, but watching teenagers’ faces light up as the lessons they’ve learned in class become real is one of the best payoffs in my job.
I travel several times in state a year. The last couple years, I’ve had the joy of introducing kids to enchiladas and the Riverwalk in San Antonio. 🙂
This year I’ll be taking a group of students to NYC for Spring Break.  Most have never been.
Summer of 2008 I’ll be the newbie on the block. For the first time ever, I’m going to Europe! We’re going to London, Paris and Rome and I can’t wait!!! I’ve always wanted to see Europe, but dh isn’t the least bit interested. This way I get to experience it with my students and my daughter. And NONE of us have been to Europe. Woo Hoo!!! (I can’t wait to actually see Piccadilly Square. All those historical romances I’ve read are going to be even more real.)

Started back at the Y today. I was sooooo excited because I had a great cardio workout podcast. Oh DEAR GOD!! I was thinking it might be difficult. I wasn’t thinking it was going to be background music for porn. NEVER again. I was surrounded by all these people and all the sudden…uh, what?
I’ll stick to Rush from now on for workouts. 🙂

Writing update: Revising, revising, revising. 11 pages today. I LOVE the comments feature on Word. I hope I still love it when I go back to fix whole scenes that need help!

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