Two of DD’s presents were really for me too. The Devil Wears Prada and the High School Musical soundtrack. šŸ™‚
I quit reading Eragon. Its creativity wasn’t enough to keep my attention.
I’m reading Match Me If You Can again now and loving every minute of it.
Hopefully I’ll love every minute of it at the Y. I’ll start back there today. Lord knows I need to.
This year I’m reminding myself that no matter how super stressed I am, no matter how late it is at school, I will feel a thousand times better if I work out for at least thirty minutes and even better if I make it an hour. I’d already fallen off the WW’s wagon, but this semester totally trashed my health.
That’s one reason I agreed to make our traditional Christmas manicotti last night, I’m not a great cook, but there are a couple dishes I knock the heck out of. This is one.
I use store bought spaghetti sauce: Bertolli’s tomato, basil. You can use your own. BUT DON’T SKIMP on brands if you buy store bought. This is one dish where generic is not equivalent to the good stuff—especially with the cheeses!
1 package manicotti noodles
1 15.5 oz ricotta cheese
1 five c. bag five cheese Italian blend OR 1 bag mozzarella and 1 bag shredded parmesian.
1 pound Italian Sausage
Olive oil
2 bottles spaghetti sauce
1 stick butter
Spices to taste

Set oven to 350
Cook noodles four-five minutes in boiling water. Set out on oiled cookie sheet to cool. They will still be sort of hard.
Cook the sausage. Let it cool.
Mix most of the cheese with the cooled It. Sausage and spices you want to add.(I use garlic, basil, oregano and rosemary. I think it owuld be great with a kick of something hot). Leave a cup of the mozzarella for the top.
Oil a baking dish (I use a Pampered Chef 9*12 baking dish)
Pour half a bottle of sauce on the bottom
Stuff the shells. (Go ahead and use your hands. It’s messy but easier)
Put stuffed shells in the baking dish. If they break, it’s no big deal. Put broken side down.
Pour remaining sauce on top. It should cover the shells.
Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Cut butter in pieces and place on top of dish. Cover in foil.
Put in oven for at least 1 hour.
Take foil off and let it bake 10 more minutes.

Let it cool 10 minutes then serve.

It’s not a short process, but it’s easy and it’s worth it! If I get great results anyone can!

Updated to add:
I avoided Batman Begins because of the whole Katie/Tom hype. I watched it this morning. It was great. LOTS of characterization and motivation.

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