Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas!!!!
I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and that the rest of the year treats you well!

Yesterday I got sick. 😦
Hopefully it’s a 24-hour bug.
I finished Gena Showalter’s Oh My Goth. Cute book. It’s definitely going on my bookshelf at school. It would make a great movie.
Remember those ABC after school specials? The  only one I really remember starred Helen Hunt. She used PCP and jumped out of a second story window at her school. I don’t remember if I lived in Minnesota or Texas at the time, but I do remember no one watching had ever seen PCP, but the show thoroughly scared us from ever wanting to see it.
I wonder now if that was the purpose of all the after school specials. Kind of like the cartoon movies they’d show us in grade school about stranger danger with the scary mustached man in the big car holding out candy and saying “come here little girl” OR the drug pushers who held out a handful of multi-colored pills, offering them for free just to get kids hooked on drugs.
I don’t know how effective those movies were. But they’ve stuck in my memory for a lot of years. 🙂

My goal is to finish Eragon before the end of the week. The movie rocks. The book is slow in parts and not a whole lot like the movie, but I’m still enjoying it. I can definitely see why the screen writers changed things.

Merry Christmas again!

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