Daily Archives: December 7, 2006

Job Shadowing

I job shadowed an assistant principal at our rival school today. I LOVED it.
their system of administration was so progressive. When I was principal for a day last year I spent all my time doing paper work. I hated it. This was hands on, kid centered, so eye-opening. I don’t think I could do it, at least not right now. I would be way too soft. But maybe one day. Or maybe at junior high. I love junior high.
maybe I won’t do it all since I’ve lost part of a VERY IMPORTANT assignment that I can’t get back. I know what it said, but I don’t have the paper. I have every other paper known to man, (birth certificates, shot records, undergraduate transcripts, graduate transcripts, my thesis, the stories from the yearbook, the first pages of the yearbook, all the school tour info) but I think I sent this paper to Columbia University the day before the snow day.
My family wants to kill me since I won’t quit looking for it.
Now I’ve got to call the professor and tell him I’m an idiot.
And pray I live.
But first I’m taking a group of kids to a dude ranch in Bandera, so I won’t be here the next couple days. Wish me luck and in the mean time, check out my chapter’s new website developed by StoneCreek Media: