Daily Archives: December 1, 2006


SO my heater that’s been fixed twice in the last week is broken again.
I’ll be calling the repair company first thing in the morning with choice words. In the meantime my new favorite hangout in under the electric blanket.

Snow day today which totally sucks for the day job but was absolute magic for the writing. I worked on revisions the entire day. DD played in the snow, took some awesome photos and then spent the rest of the day online until she had to go to a photoshoot for The Nutcracker tonight. (the heater broke while we were gone.)

I made the best soup ever last night. It’s definitely a side dish or lunch, but YUM!
Cream of pablano soup

Roast two pablano peppers. –If you can on a grill I think this would be even better. I did mine on broil in the oven. Make sure the peppers are completely coated with olive oil. Then after you’ve turned them, put them in a sealed Tupperware bowl for 20 minutes. , clean and seed the peppers then chop.

Sweat one medium onion amd garlic to taste with chopped peppers in oil. You could use broth for this.

Add onion and pepper mixture to four cups chicken broth. (I used the cubes, and it still tasted awesome.)

Add 2 cups milk, cream or half and half. I used fat free half and half.

Boil for 20 minutes. Then blend. An emulsion belnder is easiest. I don’t have one so I sued the regualr blender. Only fill the blender half way with hot liquid and MAKE SURE TO USE A TOWEL on top of the lid before you hit blend or you will be a mess. (Forgot that the first go around) 🙂

Simmer blended soup ten minutes.

Top with monterrey jack cheese and chips if you want.

If I can do it, anyone can!!!!