Daily Archives: November 29, 2006

Dear Mother Nature

Hi. It’s been awhile. Not too long since this has been the craziest weather year in my entire lifetime, but awhile all the same.
If you culd please take a break from the see-saw stuff, I’d be thankful. The 81 was awesome. Yesterday we were walking around in shorts and enjoying every minute of it. The 0 windchill they’ve predicted for tonight along with the ice and snow, not so nice.


Yesterday was a 15 hour work day.
I teach in a choice district and yesterday was our school tour. I’m not a big fan of choice, but I love the tour. Choice creates a segregated school. Tours give us a chance to connect with potential students and parents and we have to do that because they’re get to choose.

I finished a book yesterday that drove me crazy. No resolution. I hate that.
And I decided yesterday that I can’t move forward on the book I was revising. Not because it’s bad or impossible to salvage, but because I don’t write that kind of story. It’s not me.

One of my friends lost her granddaughter yesterday. She died choking on a hotdog at daycare. Senseless, horrible, completely incomprehensible. I wish there were words that could make it better. But words aren’t going to do it.