Happy Thanksgiving

Spent the day with my grandparents. I love them so much.
When one of the uncles asked one of the cousins if pole dancing was like line dancing I nearly lost it. I’m not sure why people were talking about amatuer night at a strip club, but I was glad my uncle had no idea what they were talking about.
Strangest part of the day: Grandma saying she forgot her teeth but then saying it was okay, she had plenty of teeth to make do. I LOVE her. She is absolutely the best grandma ever.
Second strangest part: when the cousins left ME in charge of the kitchen for ten minutes. DH wanted to take a photo. I should’ve let him.

I’m so thankful I had this day with my family. 14 years ago, doctors told us Grandma was dying. They told us to say what needed saying and prepare for the end.
I guess she showed them. 🙂

On the writing front: I looked at the first of the book first pages I posted a couple days ago and realized it needs A LOT of work. It’s a super sensual book I wrote with Blaze in mind the year after Blaze started. I wrote two of those and had a blast doing it. But man the depth of characterization needs help.

Tomorrow is Christmas decoration day. Woo Hoo.

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