Daily Archives: November 14, 2006


So here’s the deal: I need to write. Instead I took a nap.
Now I need to write and instead I’m blogging.
DH has taken my writing table so I’m off in my room with my laptop, but it’s not comfortable. I need to find some work space.
I found a photo of my hero. He’s actually a little older than the guy in the photo, but the look and attitude are there. That’s what I needed.
I don’t know why I need to see my characters now. I didn’t when I started. Instead I conjured them out of who knows what. I saw them without seeing them. I’m working on the music for this book. It’s dark, fast, angry. I’ve got God Smack and Evanescence. I wish I knew the music Colleen Gleason’s trailer was set to. That would be a good mix. I’ll probably add Ozzy.
And for those lighter moments, I’ll go with Barlow Girl. My soundtracks are getting a little repetitive.