Daily Archives: November 4, 2006


It’s almost Thanksgiving Break in school days. Usually that’s a good thing. But with the computer crap it’s totally NOT a good thing for yearbook.
DH suggested I call the computer guy and invite him to stay at school with me until 7 or 8, the time I’ve been able to leave the last week. I think that’s a fabulous idea. Maybe he can come to work with me on Saturday too, since we’re going to have to add Saturday work days to have ANY chance of making our deadline.
I’ll figure out some way to make it fun for the kids. I’m not sure how right now, but by the end of the weekend, I’m sure I’ll have figured something out.
On a bright note, I DID get the cover, the end sheets and 27 pages sent last week. We were supposed to have 60, but hey, 27 is better than nothing.
They’re so pretty. Color is SOOOOOO hard. But it’ll be great when the book comes out.
I’m reading Baby Jane Doe. I don’t want to stop.
I know I’m supposed to be writing, but I started the book and I want to finish it. When I grow up I want to be Julie Miller, Margot Early, Deborah Smith, Nora (JD Robb), SEP and Jennifer Crusie rolled into one. Is that asking too much?