Daily Archives: November 2, 2006


Back in the olden days I used to get up every morning and watch Imus, Fox News and CNN.
Unfortunately, this year the morning shows are more commercial than news.
So I watch Washington Journal on C-Span.
DD watches it with me.
No commercials. I love it.
I wish I could watch all my favorite shows without commercials. And guess what? I can now for the most part. I don’t even have to buy a TIVO. I can download them to my computer. DH is still watching Lost. Last night he complained the first twenty minutes really was more commercial than show. He said he’ll wait next year for the show to come out on DVD.
Television is changing. Books are changing. Movies are changing. We’re going through a digital revolution. I wonder which networks, publishing companies, studios are going to change with it and which are going to fight the change.
I sure hope schools change. In the next few years, I hope all kids will have laptops and I hope all textbooks will be downloaded as PDFs. DDs AP Bio already has interactive lessons online. She learns WAY more using them. Education better be ready for the change too.
It’s an exciting time. Scary if you’re in those industries, I’m sure, but exciting. My SIL has applied to be an online AP teacher so kids in small school districts have the opportunity to earn AP Chem credit. Cool. Soon new programs for kids with problems will be good to go. Sounds awesome. I encourage my kids to work on lessons at newsu. org. Same thing. Super cool.

Nano update: 0. Ugh.