Daily Archives: October 30, 2006

Are you kidding me?!!

So the computer issues continue.
My wonderful principal found money to purchase new computers for my room.
This money was found in JULY.
Friday the computers were ordered.
Today, I find out I can’t have the computers unless I’m willing to give seven of my current computers up.
The reason: The techs can’t handle the work load they have now, so there’s no way they can handle more.
The techs who until this year came into my room to turn on the network switches in the closet. That’s all. I never had to see them other than that. Only this year, they networked me, against my wishes. And since then, this entire year has been hell. Hell that finally got a little better because my principal encouraged them to take me off the network. Hopefully being off the network will create the same worry-free environment I’ve enjoyed the last 12 years in my Mac lab, the only lab on campus that runs smoothly. 12 years I haven’t been on the Novel network that is a disaster.
Needless to say this fight isn’t over.
I have award winning staffs that deserve the computers to do their jobs well. I will fight for them to have that opportunity.
So now I have to calm down enough to write.