Lost: Are you kidding me?! I’m done with this show. 😦

DH: I’m working 12-hour days and you want me to do the dishes? 😦 In the leaky sink? Without a dishwasher since ours broke in August?

DD: I spend hours helping you learn to drive and then turn off your Saosin and now I’m Satan?!? 😦

The Texas State Legislature: Who are you people? You want all students to have four years of math and science. Cool. I get that. You want the math to have a pre-requisite of Alg. 2? So you’re saying ALL STUDENTS should be able to understand pre-Cal or better to graduate from HIGH SCHOOL??? Are you kidding me? Do you have children? Have you ever actaully been in a public high school or are you spending all your time at private preps? Who are you people? 😦

If Lost would’ve been half-way decent last night, I think the rest of this would probably be fine. But no. Lost sucked. Grrrr.

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