Daily Archives: October 24, 2006

New book wall

When I start a new book it takes me a few tries to get what I want down on paper. BUT I have to have the first three chapters where I want them before I can move forward, even on BIAW. My new book is killing me. I can see the opening scene so clearly, but I can’t write it. Every time I try it comes across as ridiculous. SO I’m shifting gears. That scene will still take place, but I’m writing it later. And maybe this time my subconscious is trying to tell me it doesn’t work as the opening. Ack.


I’m working on ways to bring my campus’s teachers together to build a sense of community with the end result hopefully being that ALL students will learn.
Not easy with a faculty of around 150, but absolutely essential in this day and age of No Child Left Behind.
My campus is actually super successful, so making any kind of shift is difficult. There’s a built in resistence to change. Right now we have strong departments and even strong departments within departments. But there’s no real cooperation between the groups. It’s not a negative thing, but things could certainly be better if we were all working together. Kind of like you can get to your destination in a 60s model VW bug but it’ll take a lot longer than if you’ve got a Vette.
The big thing is HOW do you make it happen? My principal is totally, completely, 100% incredible. One of the reasons is because he doesn’t micro-manage. So how can you make something happen without having someone of authority pushing when that push is exactly what people might resent? My thought is get a few people on board and grow the idea from the inside out.
We’ll see. I know working together makes sense, and after reading Whatever It Takes (AN absolute MUST for all educators. It’s totally chnged me.) I know it works!