Daily Archives: October 19, 2006


Today my principal stepped into the computer problem and within an hour, the problem was fixed. WOO HOO!!!!
I learned a lot about conflict mediation watching him work. He’s truly the best principal ever.
I can’t believe how much better I feel. I had no idea how much this problem was affecting my life outside of the newsroom.

Loved Grey’s, but it’s not been as good as last season. Hopefully they’re working up to greatness. I decided to stop watching 6 Degrees because it’s an Abrams show and he ticks me off too much after two seasons. ūüė¶ I get reeled into a show I can’t miss and suddenly the whole thing shifts because he fires the great writers and replaces them with people who have no clue. Alias and Lost have proven that to me.

Survivor was interesting. I still haven’t really picked a favorite. I don’t feel the intensity about the show this season. I think the race thing with all the mini tribes made it hard to connect.

DD’s finalizing her current events project for English. Man, she is such a liberal!