Daily Archives: October 18, 2006

Lost Cause

Anyone else disappointed, once again, with Lost?
This show used to be awesome.
And maybe that’s why it’s so disappointing.

The Nine was great again. Hope that continues.

Our computer system went down again today. It was “just” for 15 minutes.
UGH. That 15 minutes might be “just” to guys in a building that don’t have to work within 50-minute classes, but to me it’s equivalent to taking my entire class and throwing the students one by one out the second story window.
My friend from school gave me chocolate and a card with the Serenity Prayer on it. I put the card on the bulletin board behind my desk. I’m going to embrace the idea behind that prayer. And try not to cuss too much while I’m learning this lesson. The chocolate’s almost gone. 🙂