Daily Archives: October 12, 2006


Made it to the end of this week, and I’m on the way to San Antonio this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get to see Mary in person!
Another teacher and I are meeting with the Super of our schools next week to discuss the filtering system in our district. Under the current system so much is blocked it creates serious issues in our ability to research. The current protocol is for us to request a site to be unblocked and someone in charge decides whether that’s appropriate or not. All politics are blocked. So are all video clips. Of course, there’s plenty of porn getting through. 🙂 When I requested something be unblocked, I was told no. After it was explained that unblocking the teen Planned Parenthood site was inappropriate because its content was too mature for all the schools in the district, I was shocked. Who knew ALL the schools were on the same system?! And why is that anyway? I keep hearing it would cost too much to separate the systems, but I don’t even understand how the current system works. I’m going to try to figure it out this weekend. Wish me luck–because seriously, in the age we live in today, online research is imperative to student achievement.


Deadline is going better than ever. My students amaze me sometimes. Today the network went down again, but they didn’t freak out. We just stayed at school until 7. 😦
Still looking for pictures of my new hero and heroine. If I don’t find them by tomorrow, I’ll go forward with character interviews.
Wasn’t too thrilled with Lost. I hope it gets better.