Daily Archives: October 2, 2006

You are KIDDING me

I try not to get into political discussions at work but when someone said today that the Foley mess was politcally motivated, it made me sick.
YES, people are using it for political reasons. And those people deserve to be raked over the coals. Just like the ones who knew about Rep. Foley’s e-mails should be in MAJOR trouble.
I teach kids who could be congressional pages. They would die for the opportunity. To think that anyone would think those e-mails were okay or no big deal, or just a little off color is sick, sick, sick.

If you know someone’s engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a kid and you don’t go to the authorities, you should be considered BREAKING THE LAW!
How can there be confusion on this issue?!?

TEACHERS: Go to Amazon now and get the book Whatever it Takes. It is absolutely the best education book I have EVER read. Ever.

Still working on revisions. Sigh.


Went to then casino with one of my very best friends, Becky, who’s visiting from Phoenix.
Lost much money on a machine called Cash Cow.
Had a blast.
Could’ve bought the cute Brighton shoes I love with the money lost.
No more casino time for me.
But I did have fun.

Double deadline starts in the morning. I hope I make it through this week.