Monthly Archives: September 2006

I love GA

Grey’s Anatomy was back and just as good as ever. Lots of great stuff. I stand in awe of the writers. Everything just clicks. The people are real. It’s just amazing. Watched 6 Degrees. It’s another Abrams hit. Definitely worth watching. Survivor’s got one more week. Too many tribes make the show boring. You never get a chance to connect.
I STILL have this stupid cold. 😦 This is what happens when you go out with buddies and share a bottle of butterscotch shnapps as some sort of bonding experience. What were we thinking?!?

TO whomever

Came to school sick with the worst cold ever, I. Hate. You.
I still kicked chapter four’s butt.
Cold mediciine and all.
Funny how a little emotion makes a big, big difference.
I love my CPs. (But only because I KNOW they aren’t responsible for this cold.)

Revision ACK

Chapter four is killing me!!!!
Nah, it’s a ton better but it’s still not where it needs to be. I tend to get in too big of a rush. Not this time. When this book goes to NY, it’s going to be GREAT.

The cold is holding strong. I hope it’s gone tomorrow.


I love relearning these characters. I’m so glad I didn’t rush right into revisions when I finished the book. I think I can see the issues a lot better with the distance. The chapter I worked on today was tough. I’m usually pushing for the show don’t tell, but in this major “clue” scene, the heroine is watching–even though she’s there, she’s almost separate. That distance is part of who she is and it’s important to this scence. BUT making it work for fiction is HARD!
I’m still not happy with it, but I’m closer.
I love writing tortured characters. 🙂
I wonder how published author do it. How do they write, revise, send and work on proofs, galleys, publicity? I don’t know.

Today was national Constitution Day and we had random drug testing at school. How’s that for ironic? One of my J classes is in the midst of utopia building. It’s a great discussion generator based on something similar to the book The Giver. The kids give up all their rights to live in a society that promises no war. It’s one of the best things we do all year. My last class is behind, so we’re waiting for the discussion until later in the week.
I’ve learned a lot about myself as a teacher this year.
Every educator should read Whatever it Takes. It’s really helped me see how important it is that I truly believe all kids should learn.

In newspaper we tore apart the first paper of the year. I hate this day, but it’s absolutely essential. You can’t improve if you don’t see all the mistakes! YB deadline starts tomorrow. It’s going to be an interesting week.


The best thing about revising after some time has passed is how fresh a story seems. I love this book, but with the distance, the plot and characterization issues are easy to see. I know I made the first three chapters better than ever today. The family wasn’t so pleased with me, but they’ll get over it.

I skipped The Amazing Race to work on revisions. That freaked the family out more than anything else, I think. But I’ve got to look at Shelley Bradley’s advice. She asked how bad do I want it and was it worth the sacrifice. It’s definitely worth giving up TAR. Besides, this was a lot more fun than watching TV.


Allison Lyons requested my new Intrigue wanna be today. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

And I bought cute new clothes today. And new tennis shoes. And went to critiques. And went to a pedicure party. And went out to dinner with the girls. Days like today rock.


Princess Bride is on and, oh dear god, DD said, and I quote, “Ugh, I hate this movie.”
What have I done wrong?!?

Michelle Willingham sold to M&B Historicals today. I’m so happy. Michelle’s one of the SW’s on e-Harlequin. I actually teared up when I read the news this afternoon. She’s an amazing person and I know this is the first in a long line of sales. Congratulate her at .

I had to go on strike again. UGH. This week was pretty much one 12 hour daay after another ending in 14.5 on Wednesday. The 10 hour days yesterday and today were walks in the park. And every one of those days until today I’ve heard “what’s for supper?” and the dishes have been left. Now honestly, I love doing the dishes. It’s a mindless job and I like seeing the immediate results.
BUT I don’t like working a ton, cooking, cleaning and feeling completely taken advantage of. So Wednesday night I quit doing the dishes. BUt no one took the hint. SO yesterday I said once the dishes ran out no more cooking until the dishes were done…by someone else.
Didn’t work. So today I just said sorry. No supper. And took a nap.
DD did the dishes.
She wasn’t happy, but she did them.

I’m still not cooking until we have a family meeting to discuss this. 😦

Today at lunch my friends and I were talking about how so many of our students are terrible for other teachers and great for us. Interesting. We’re all elective teachers, so maybe that’s it.
In newspaper we did the Cha-Cha Slide. The first paper came out, on time, even though we missed the deadline because of the crazy server issues. If you don’t know the Cha-Cha Slide, I highly suggest it for stress relief. Talk about fun!!!


I’ve been watching the conflict over the new Survivor with interest.
I teach at a very non-diverse school in a very non-diverse school district.
It’s a choice district. Instread of diversifying the schools, choice has created almost a sanctioned, by choice, segregation. As an educator this leaves me perplexed.
A year ago one of my students went to UT. She and her friends were an anomoly of sorts. They were probably the most diverse group of kids on campus. The student said how excited she was to go to UT. How she was looking forward to a more real world experience, true diversity, everything we weren’t. When she came back at Christmas to visit she was troubled. She said it was disturbing that once they got to UT, her friends joined the black and Asian student unions. Suddenly, for the first time in her life, race mattered. Instead of embracing diversity, she found herself shut out of her friends’ lives. She was the “oh, you’re white” girl.
We’re failing somewhere and I’m not exactly sure where.

Look Out on the road

Let’s face it. Parenthood is a crash course in bi-polar disorder. Parenting a teen just might be bi-polar extreme.
DD started driving yesterday. Today I took her out to start learning how to drive a five-speed. She did MUCH better than I did my first day.
Woo Hoo and Boo Hoo. I’m so proud. And so old.

Shelley Bradley spoke at my local chapter this weekend. Her talk was on writing when you think you don’t have time. Question number one: How bad do you want it?
She said to look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. To make sure you answer it honestly.
Next on the list was what are you going to give up to get it. And that brought out my time killer. TV. I know I watch way too much TV. And honestly, I know there’s no way I’m giving up Grey’s Anatomy. I think I learn about writing by watching that show! Thankfully Big Brother’s over and Rock Star will be tomorrow. But Amazing Race, Biggest Loser and Survivor are starting. Kidnapped looks awesome. So does Brothers and Sisters. And Smith.
I want to watch Desperate Housewives, see if they can recapture the magic. Same with Lost. CSI and Law and Order are two of my favorites. America’s Next Top Model is a must.
ACK! TV is my time killer. I’m going to have to make some changes. Saying and doing it are two different things!

I’m working hard on changing how I respond to negativity in my life. For instance, today when we were trying to save the newspaper to a CD and the network went down, my response was simply “MAN this stinks” instead of “Someone’s going to die.” By hooking me to the Novell server system, they’ve turned my incredibly reliable Macs, which I’ve worked with for 13 years without a single glitch, into the same unreliable PCs as the rest of the building. I even have blue screens of death. NOT COOL. Totally not cool.
When the system works, it’s magic. But you know, my PC friends have been saying those words for years. And all the while, I’ve been laughing, smiling smugly and saying my Mac magic is all the time. I’m paying for those smug smiles now. Thanks Novell. Thanks a lot.

The Amazing Technological Age

So today is the last big day of deadline and right at 2:48…
The room is packed with kids, some of them dressed in red, white and blue for spirit day, ALL of them in hurry because HELLO, it’s Friday night, game night, weekend. Some are trying to download pep rally photos. Some are finishing up pages. Some are dragging files to thumb drives because they need major work.
And in the midst of it all, I hear: “Uh, Mrs. Lee, the computer won’t log on.”
And then, “That spinny thing is back.”
And then, “My screen is blue. That’s not normal is it?”

The network was down. Again.

The network guy was going to die. And the paper wasn’t going to win awards. And horror of all horrors, my eyebrows weren’t going to get waxed and the mustache was going to stay firmly in place because NO way was I making my appointment on time.

And then I called our tech support staff. I think the first guy hear the near tears in my voice because he said, hold on a sec, let me send you to the network guys.
I don’t know the network guys. I figure they’re a little like The Men in Black meets the Lone Gunmen from X-Files. And I hated them with every ounce of my being until one of them got on the phone and calmly figured out the problem and fixed it.

I didn’t have to do anything but call.