Daily Archives: September 27, 2006


Annaof Sold!!!!
Stop by and congratulate her.

McWife, the book that sold, was the very first book I read about on eHarlequin a few years ago. Anna was Anna of the red boots and her online voice blew me away. I’m so happy for her. And once again, inspired.

Conversation in my classroom this week:

Mrs. Lee, you know what I love to read?

the girl asking the question is and incredible young writer. I’m thinking romance, mystery, classics. But I said, no, what do you love to read.

And she said.

Science textbooks.

Wonderful, supportive teacher that I am…
I laughed. A lot.

Fortunately I don’t think I’ve destroyed her, and she must be reading more than her science book because man, can she write.
Most of my students want to be great writers. They ask me all the time how to get there. And every time I give them the secret formula: read a lot and write a lot and read some more and write some more.

Love that formula.

Tomorrow’s Thursday. Grey’s Anatomy. Yay.