Daily Archives: September 26, 2006

Paper Revisions

I printed a new hard copy of my story for edits today. Good thing. It’s funny how many errors there are in simple editing. I got half way through it today.
I’m definitely going to let it sit a couple days before reading it at least one mroe time to make sure I’m happy.
I’ve seen it so many times recently that I’ve lost perspective. I loved it last night and it’s so-so today, but I think that’s normal.
It still drives me crazy!
I’m ready to write something new.


The book is done and it’s going to sell.
I’m still going through it another time, but I’ve only felt this way about one other book. And that book will sell eventually too, but I sent it out too soon. I didn’t make sure every scene served a purpose. I didn’t check to make sure my characters stayed IN CHARACTER. I didn’t work the conflict enough. I relied too much on story and not enough on craft.

This book hits every plot point and on top of that it’s emotional beyond belief because I finally poured everything out on the page. It wasn’t easy to remember back to the truth about love and how hard it is to let it happen, to take that risk, that chance. How giving up control of me to become we is about the most frightening decision ever. But it sure was fulfilling to write about it once I finally got real! So far I’ve made my CPs cry. I hope I get to make other readers cry too. 🙂

FINALLY I can say it and mean it, I love this book. I (think) it’s done.
It’s getting a couple days rest before the final read through and then, it’s on to NYC.