Daily Archives: September 14, 2006


I’ve been watching the conflict over the new Survivor with interest.
I teach at a very non-diverse school in a very non-diverse school district.
It’s a choice district. Instread of diversifying the schools, choice has created almost a sanctioned, by choice, segregation. As an educator this leaves me perplexed.
A year ago one of my students went to UT. She and her friends were an anomoly of sorts. They were probably the most diverse group of kids on campus. The student said how excited she was to go to UT. How she was looking forward to a more real world experience, true diversity, everything we weren’t. When she came back at Christmas to visit she was troubled. She said it was disturbing that once they got to UT, her friends joined the black and Asian student unions. Suddenly, for the first time in her life, race mattered. Instead of embracing diversity, she found herself shut out of her friends’ lives. She was the “oh, you’re white” girl.
We’re failing somewhere and I’m not exactly sure where.