Daily Archives: September 4, 2006

Back in the ballgame

Funny how talking about NOT doing something gets you off your butt and in gear.
The synopsis and query are done. They’ll be in the mail to Intrigue tomorrow. The synopsis I’ve been putting off for over a month was actually easy. It still took a few rewrites, but I’d made it a lot more difficult in my mind than the actual execution of it was.
It’s so strange! I almost sent the query off without the synopsis because I know the query is killer!
But then I decided that was silly business move on my part.
The synopsis will tell the editor a lot more about the story. It might keep her from asking for the manuscript, but if it does, it will be because the manuscript isn’t right for the line. With cateogry, that’s a real possibility. I THINK this story is an Intrigue from beginning to end. I’ve read a ton of them, so I should know. The synopsis should show that one way or another. At least it will give the editor a better idea.

I love Apple’s Pages software for addressing envelopes! And for composing letters. Keynote is gorgeous. I can’t wait to build my presentations for class on it instead of Power Point.

Vacation Days

Next year, school starts one week before Labor Day. I’m not real sure why the legislature took over our schedules and then decided to start school a week before a holiday, but whatever.
This has been a month from writing no-man’s land for me. I’ve written NOTHING for a month. I’ve thought about writing. I’ve even read a ton. But no actual creation has taken place. That’s got to change!
You’d think I’d be taking advantage of all these ah-ha moments I’ve had lately, but nope.
My CP Karen Kelley writes all the time. She just got another contract for a novella. My friend Mel writes all the time too. Her backlist is pretty impressive and her new books are better than ever. Stacy writes constantly and her career is taking off. The ladies on e-Harlequin are full of great writing news. Because they’re writing.
Writing is an action verb. I need to get back in gear.