Getting through

Check out Jill Monroe’s blog at Wet Noodle Posse today.

The one thing I really miss when I don’t go to National conference (other than the desserts!) is being surrounded by HUNDREDS of people who are so much like me.
I met Jill during the president’s retreat at national conference. I’d judged a story of hers in a contest and signed my name because I loved the story so much. She recognized my name and we started talking. Her determination to write in the face of rejection inspired me to keep going. That determination has paid off for her. She’s published by Temptation and Blaze.
Her story is just one of hundreds I’ve heard at the conferences. There’s an energy, maybe it’s synergy really, in all these people pushing for a goal. I think that’s one of the cool things about the blog community. That same energy is here. We check in on each other’s progress, cheer each other on, encourage and support. It’s like a virtual national conference all year long.

I FOUND a photo of my hero finally. I’m still looking for my heroine. She’s a shorter Sarah from America’s Next Top Model with red hair and Adriane’s attitude from the first season.
He was a combination of several people too, but I finally found one person that typifies the man I see when I’m writing Michael (and I’m trying out photobucket for the first time!):

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