I beg to differ

Yesterday I read this great goal setting article on the weight watchers board. Strangely enough, it was PERFECT for writers too. Well, all except the last bit of advice: nothing tastes as good as thin feels.
The people who say that obviously haven’t indulged in Better Than Sex Cake, Papadeaux’s Creme Brulee or Tuscani’s frozen tiramisu. Because I’m here to tell you, I’ve been thin (or close to it) in the last two years and those three desserts definitely taste better than thin felt. 🙂
Here’s the advice on goal setting, positive self-thinking. Reminds me of “as you say it, so it shall be.”

Would you say to your best friend what you say to yourself?

SELF TALK- What to say when you talk to yourself….

The Brain acceptS what it is told. If it is given a negative, it will believe a negative.

Don’t say negatives to yourself…

An idea: put together a card file on a binder ring of POSITIVE sayings. (There are many on these boards!!) Read one every day, or when you need an uplift.

Finding balance is very important.

Making choices is empowering….

“I love myself for who I am”.

You can’t be anyone but you!

I have the ability to reach my goal…
-what is your goal?
-accept that it is a fight.
-A part of growing up
-It is your choice!

I am a winner!
-SAY it

I am a rich treasure, ready to be found
-See yourself as you want to be and chip away at the excess!
-You are a Diamond in the rough!

I am capable of achieving my goal.
-be realistic!
-be logical

There is NOTHING I can’t handle!

Nothing tastes better than thin feels!

-cut it to “I’m possible!
-change your mind, wrap it around success.


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